National Student Bill of Rights for all Youth

National Student Bill of Rights for all Youth (NSBR) is an effort to bring together youth from across the country to define a youth vision for education and social justice. Youth from different cities are developing local bills and working together to write a national bill that will become a unifying document for youth nationwide and a driving force for youth movement building.


On Election Day, November 6, we kick off a national campaign in which youth can make their voices heard about the issues that are most important to them. We may not be able to vote in the federal and local elections, but youth anywhere in the country ages 13 to 24 are invited to use this website to vote on the Student Bill of Rights so we can let our political leaders know what the youth of this country need. The campaign ends January 1, 2013.


  • Write a national statement that outlines a youth vision for education.
  • Develop youth leadership and build infrastructure to support ongoing conversations and connections between youth activists nationally.
  • Introduce ideas from the bill into the national dialogue.